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What is MPG Banking?

MPG Banking is a banking platform, built on a foundation developed by R. Nelson Nash called:

The Infinite Banking Concept

R. Nelson Nash has taught these strategies for well over 25 years and he is a personal mentor and friend of MPG.

MPG Banking has adopted Nash's teachings and we build on them for each of our clients needs. MPG Banking provides the following benefits:

  • No Loss of Principal
  • Guaranteed Growth
  • Accessible Cash (Liquid Funds)
  • Judgement Proof
  • Tax Free Growth
  • Tax Deferred Distributions
  • All Funds not spent transfer to your heirs Tax Free!

Possible Uses of the Infinite Banking System:

1) Medical Insurance - Works well for people who are "un-insurable"

2) Car Insurance

3) Life Insurance

4) Buy Sell Agreements

5) Pension plans for employees

6) Home Mortgages

7) Car, Boat financing

8) Equipment Financing

9) Estate planning & Wealth transfers

10) Charitable trust and giving

11) College savings plan

12) Leasing business

13) Retirement planning

14) Eliminates need for Social Security

15) Can cover multiple generations – good method of teaching and transferring wealth to successive generations.

16) Business financing