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Infinite Banking FAQs

  • Why MPG Infinite Banking

    Infinite Banking

    The Problem is Wealth Transfer

    The average American is paying out 34.5% of every earned dollar toward interest. If they are saving 10% of their income (twice the average saving rate in America) they are in a 3.45/1 ratio of interest to saving. Rather than fighting to get a higher rate of return on their savings and investments it might make more sense to change the volume of money flowing away in interest and re-capture all of that lost interest and principle by building their own bank.

    What if You Could Create Your Own Bank?

    How would you like to turn the table at the bank and be on the other side?

    First you would need to have a funding vehicle and then you would need to fund it.

    In MPG Infinite Banking structures cash can be available as soon as a few weeks after the system is put into place.

    Once your bank is funded, you can begin to make loans to yourself (or others) and you would need to pay the bank (your bank) back. By borrowing and repaying at current or better interest rates you will be building a banking machine that will eventually be able to handle all of the banking needs of your  family including  cars, education, homes, vacations and investments. You will be able to create an asset pool that will take the place of Social Security, retirement plans and other market driven assets. It would be a tax-free growth vehicle and it would be a source of tax-free retirement funds.

    This is not a new concept, but one that has been available for over 200 years.

    Much of this information comes from R. Nelson Nash and you can get his book, Becoming Your Own Banker, at

  • What are the benefits of an MPG Infinite Banking Policy?

    An MPG Infinite Banking Policy provides the following benefits:

    • No Loss of Principal
    • Guaranteed Growth
    • Accessible Cash (Liquid Funds)
    • Judgment Proof
    • Tax-Free Growth
    • Tax-Free Distributions
    • All Funds not spent transfer to your heirs Tax Free!


    Why become your own bank?

    • Recapture interest that you pay to banks and lending institutions
    • No charter required


    Participating (Dividend Paying) Whole Life Insurance

    = Insurance for life in contrast to Term Insurance (Temporary Insurance)

    The owner of the policy has the contractual right to use the money.

    The owner outranks every potential borrower in access to the money that must be lent.

    What can the policy owner use the money for, whatever he or she wants!